Miami's Youth To Much For Celtics

Monday, May 9, 2011

We all knew that the "Decision" and the addition of Chris Bosh would pay dividends for the Miami one day. We didn't know if that day would come this year or next. I've always said since the whole Lebron, and Bosh signing that the Miami Heat would win a championship by year 2. With a 98-90 win in overtime against the Boston Celtics to take a 3-1 lead in their series, the Miami Heat are well on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals. Miami's youth combined with all that talent was just too much for the Celtics to overcome. You have to give the Celtics credit, with all the injuries and the fact that they are the oldest team in the NBA they atleast threw a punch. They didn't roll over and quit like last year champs, they put up a fight. The fact of the matter is the Boston Celtics do not have the legs and with the injuries they will not beat the Miami Heat 3 straight games. Expect to see the Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls in the eastern conference finals.


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