State of the NBA: Blame the GM'S

Thursday, October 6, 2011

With the NBA being in a stalemate because of the lockout, let's take a look at what the real issues are. I hear so much that NBA players are overpaid babies, and they don't deserve those huge contracts. It's not surprising that a lot of those notions are coming from white America, seeing that the majority of the NBA players are African American it seems kind of funny. No one seems to be talking that way about baseball players, who sign massive contracts, and teams have no salary caps. Why aren't baseball players overpaid babies, and half of baseball players aren't near the athletes that NBA players are, just something to think about.

Now let's take a look at why certain NBA teams are losing so much revenue. I say blame the General Managers for the state in which the NBA is in. Why blame the GM's? Well, General Managers are responsible for bringing players to teams. They negotiate the contracts with agents, (with owners probably signing off) they built teams. Now, Fox Sports had an slide show on overpaid players on every team in the NBA, and you couldn't argue with every player that was on that list. Let take Joe Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks. Now, you can't blame Joe for taking the huge contract that he signed over the summer. Does his talent really equal up to his contract, probably not, but seeing that the Hawks were so worried about keeping that name with their team they overpaid him. David Lee of the Golden State Warriors signed a huge contract a couple seasons ago to join them, but has not produced enough to validate the money he was paid. Both are very good players, but lets face it, there is probably only 10-15 players in the NBA that should be getting maximum contracts, and in my opinion they are not the 2 players named.


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