Title in the Future for Heat Big 3

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who would've thought back in July when Lebron James made the "Decision" that the Miami Heat would be 2 games away from winning a NBA Championship? I think we all knew that eventually this team would be in this position, but not in its first year assembled. This team came together and started to gel at the right time. The big 3 are playing at a high level and the supporting cast is playing their part in a big way. The Heat big men are controlling the boards and playing monster defense, especially Anthony Randolph. The re-emergence of Udonis Haslem has given the Heat the lift that they needed to not only get past the Chicago Bulls, but to come 2 games away from winning a championship. You will have to start thinking that the Miami Heat is in prime position to win a few more rings if they can hold on to winning this one. With the now experience they will take out of this run and a summer of key signings, the Miami Heat should be in this discussion for a long time to come.


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