Will Allen Iverson Return To The NBA

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Will Allen Iverson ever play in the NBA again? I would have too say I don't know but I think he should be on a NBA roster next season. There does seem like there is a certain group of players that have been black balled from the league. Unfortunately, Allen Iverson have found his way on the outside looking in of the NBA. In his prime A.I. was one of the toughest and dynamic players in the NBA. He was probably the smallest player ever to dominate the offensive side of the game there was. Here was a guy that was maybe 6 feet tall on a good day and won the scoring title 4 times. He averaged almost 27.0 ppg. throughout his career, and almost 30.0 ppg. in the playoffs. Granted he shot the ball mostly every time he touched it but his teams were mostly successful then not.

At 36 years old Allen Iverson is not the same player he was 6 or 7 years ago, but I do think he would be a good addition to a veteran, contending team that needs scoring and leadership off of the bench. I think if he truly accepts his role as a backup guard and a team has the right fit, we can expect to see Allen Iverson under the bright lights once again.


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