What's The Problem With Heat

Friday, June 10, 2011

What's the problem with the Miami Heat? Why is a team with so much talent having a hard time closing out the Dallas Mavericks? The first problem that I can see is that Lebron James is playing to much point guard. With Lebron handling the ball so much he is always out of position to make a play on offense. By Lebron playing up top, handling the ball he is playing right into the Mavericks hands, and they now can make him a jump shooter. The Miami Heat would be better off is Lebron was playing off the ball and catching the ball in a position where he can either attack the basket, or pull up for a short jump shot. Another problem the Miami Heat are having is when Dwayne Wade touches the ball he holds on to it until either he has a shot or until he has to pass the ball, but by that time it is only a few seconds left on the shot clock and somebody is forced to shoot a rushed shot. The final problem that I can see is that the Heat's defensive intensity is not at the level it was in the previous series or in the two wins in this series. The Miami Heat will have too make some serious adjustments if they plan on winning a championship and silencing the critics.


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