Derrick Rose is the Truth

Sunday, April 17, 2011

If anyone has any doubts about Derrick Rose being MVP this year, then you must not have seen the Chicago Bulls opening playoff game vs. the Indiana Pacers. Any true basketball fan can watch someone play and tell that they're watching someone special, and yesterday was one of those examples. I must admit, that I was not on the Derrick Rose bandwagon for 85% of the season. I thought from the time he came into the league that he was talented, athletic, fast, strong, but was unable to make jump shots on a consistent basis. As a fan of the game knows, as a guard in the NBA you can have all of the other attributes but if you can't shoot the ball it will limit your game significantly. Credit to him for working on his shot, and even if he's still not a knock down shooter he's got it good enough to where defenders have to respect it. I didn't pay a lot of attention to the Chicago Bulls this season because I knew they would be in the playoffs, but I thought the Heat and the Celtics still had to much for Chicago to compete with. Fast-forward to their final games against the Celtics and the Knicks, and their first round playoff game against the pacers. Those games are all I needed to see to know that this dude is the best player in the game this year. I do still think that Kobe is the best player skillfully wise in the NBA, but Derrick Rose is the most dominate, with Lebron at a close 2nd.


kevin said...

Derrick Rose is awesome. That was a great game and I agree that he is most dominate right now.

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