Refs Killing NBA Playoffs

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What is supposed to make the NBA playoffs special? I mean, each of the teams that make it into the playoffs has to play the same teams they've been playing in their conference all season. They have to play them the best out of 7 games. It's not like football, where it is one and done, or fans may get to see a matchup they haven't seen all year. What is supposed to make the NBA playoffs different is the physical play of the game. It's the time in the NBA where flopping shouldn't be rewarded. It is where tic tac fouls shouldn't be punished. NBA players have been accused of not giving their all during the regular season because of the season's length. Well, this is the time where the players’ intensity picks up. It’s when defenses start tightening up. Where star players start pushing their teams to victory. All that can be deferred by bad officiating. Referees, for some reason always want to control games.

Look at some of the calls in the playoffs thus far. The hand though the rim by Kendrick Perkins that perhaps cost Denver the game. The offensive foul call against Carmelo Anthony that perhaps cost the Celtics the game. Derrick Rose went to the line about 40 times in to games against the Pacers. Now, I know the he is going hard to the rim and drawing contact, but if that's all he has to do, well all the rest of the teams might as well pack up and go home. How many tic tac fouls have you seen the refs call already? You would think David Stern would do something, but he hasn't done any thing good for the league in years. I think if the refs put the whistles in their pocket the game will be a lot more exciting.


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