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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

With the nba playoffs upon us, I will like to comment on some of the questions I've been hearing about. Who's coming from what conference and who's going to win tthe title? I keep hearing the Chicago Bulls out of the east and the L.A. Lakers out of the west. Let me explain why that will not be the matchup we will be watchin in June. First of all, the Lakers will be in the finals again this year. I think there are a couple of teams that came give the Lakers a long series, but ultimately they are too big, too talented, and too well coached for any team in the west at this point. The San Antonio Spurs can match them at coaching and perhaps talent, but the size will be their demise. The Oklahoma City Thunder still do not have enough weapons to beat the Lakers in a 7 game series. Now, to the tricky east. The first round is not important, everything should play out according to seed. When it comes to the semifinals, that's when the fun begins.

Orlando Magics vs. Chicago Bulls

This will be a hard fought series for both teams. The only way the Magic will win this series is if Dwight Howard avarages 20+ ppg. and 15+ reb. Gilbert Arenas will have to show at least 85% of his old self, and if not that then at least he will have hit his open shots. Hedo, Jameer, J-Rich will also have to hit those open 3 pointers when  they are presented. They also are going to have to pick their poison, either stop Derrick Rose or stop the rest of the team. In order for the Bulls to win the series they just have to play how they've been playing the last 2 months.

Bulls 4 Magic 2  Bulls win series

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat

I think this will be another series that will end in 6 games. For the Boston Celtics advancing in this series will all depend on the health and production of Shaquille O'Neal. With shaq in the fold the celtics will be able to clog that lane and make Miami more of a jump shooting team, just like they did in the 3 wins this season. With Miami not having big men that can stretch the floor and not being a real prolific shooting team shaq will not have to deal with to much pick and role. Another factor for the celtics will be if Rajon Rondo will make them pay for leaving him unguarded. In the game on Sunday, I can't count how many times he passed up open free throw line jumpshots. The celtics also need to decrease the turnovers, convert on offense and make Miami take the ball out of the rim, which will slow down the fast break opportunities.

     I the Heat wants to take this series they will need Dwayne Wade to play like he did this past Sunday, and not like he played in the 3 losses this season. Chris Bosh will need to be one of the most physical players on the court. They will also need to create easy baskets, get up and down the court and try to wear the celtics out. The most important thing the heat has to do is protect home court advantage.

Celtics 4 Heat 2  Celtics win series

Boston Celtics vs Chicago Bulls

This will be the only 7 game series of the whole eastern conference playoffs. The recipe for the Chicago Bulls to advance to the finals will be making shots in the half court, matching the celtics defense intensity, and defensive rebounding. Derrick Rose will have to continue to play at a mvp level. Luol Deng will have knock down those open shots off of pick and roll. Carlos Boozer has to be a more physical player and help Jokim Noah down in the paint. The x factor for the bulls will be Keith Bogans defense on Ray Allen. The
Boston Celtics will need their stars to be stars on both ends of the floor. Rajon Rondo can not let Derrick Rose control the pace of the series. He has to make rose play both ends of the floor. The x factor for the celtics is of course shaq, but I think Jeff Green will be the biggest factor. If he can come in for Pierce and make a impact I think the celtics will come out on top.

Boston Celtics 4 Chicago Bulls 3   Celtics win series

Boson Celtics vs L.A. Lakers Finals

This will not be the series it was last year. I think this will be the only time the celtics will truly miss Kendrick Perkins. The Lakers will just be too big for the celtics to handle. I also think the celtics would have had a much harder road than the lakers and will affect them in the finals.

L.A. Lakers 4 Celtics 2  Lakers win series


kevin said...

I think the bulls will pull it off in the end. I think they're younger and fresher than the lakers and celtics, but I do agree that it won't be the heat.

gerry said...

I don't know why everyone is still banking on the celtics to make it back to the finals. They will not be able to beat both the heat and the bulls back to back.

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